Who writes this blog?

Lakshmi and Mandira. Both of us work  in the social development field and while we are social workers by profession, we have interests that range well beyond the limits of the subject they have studied- cooking or rather baking being just one of them. We live in Chennai and Mumbai respectively and extensively use the short message service offered by cell phone operators and instant message service of gmail to keep in touch. We are both gainfully employed and enjoy the work we do, even though at least one of us wishes for shorter working hours.

How did Baking Buddies come about?

Baking buddies was a direct result of a late night chat. The ever enthusiastic Lakshmi wanted to start another  blog and the bizarre,  impractical idea was thrown at Mandira. Mandira’s was sluggish and too tired to argue and that led her to accept the idea, albeit reluctantly. Amazingly the blog seems to have surmounted issues of impracticality, lack of time and what not and has survived for over a year now.

You mentioned “another blog” does that mean the writers be found elsewhere on the blogosphere as well?

Sure! Over ambitious as we are, we like to bite more than we can chew. Lakshmi can be found on a food blog here and another “in partnership” blog here. ,  and while Mandira can be spotted here.

So what is Bakingbuddies all about?

Baking obviously! The idea behind the blog is to explore baking  and to learn along the way. So essentially that means we’ve find recipes (either our own or from other blogs or books), bake the goodies and share the recipe including what when wrong or right with it. We normally take pictures that we share along with the recipe. For each recipe we select and try out, we will clearly mention where it was sourced out from and if a link is available, mention that as well. We are not into plagiarism. You’ll notice that the pictures aren’t great but they are helpful in giving  you a basic idea of what the final product should looks like.

Initially when we began, we both would zero in on a recipe, try it out and do a joint post on it. But with time this format has altered.  With time constraints,  family and professional commitments playing their role in our lives, its been getting harder to do things jointly. We have therefore begun posting recipes individually as well. You’ll notice in the last several posts, Lakshi is conspicuously missing. That’s cause her life is moving  at a fast pace with lots of new exciting developments taking place leaving her with little time to blog. Mandira on the other hand continues to work fixed hours and has little else  happening besides her job and the occasional social commitment.

How often can we see new posts here?

There isn’t any schedule for publishing posts at Bakingbuddies so we post whenever we can. While we realise that doesn’t sound very impressive, we’re sure you’ll understand that  when you are involved in hundreds of things (including making basic survival!) time is always in short supply. Also, though the idea of baking and posting on a weekly basis sounds wonderful to us,   a)we don’t get paid for it and b) flour, sugar and butter arent the healthiest foods and we do have our weight to consider! That’s why we subscribe to the post-when-you-can funda.

PS: In case you want to write  in to us, you can do so at bakingbuddies2008@gmail.com


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  1. bakingbuddies

    @siri- thanks a ton!! we hope our “adventures” turn out good enuf to post!!:P

    @arundathi-thanks! donno if we can give u serious baking tips, but we will try our best!:)

  2. @corpsegrinder aka saion- we bake the cake and We eat it too…do u hv the required skill to be a taster?? am not too sure about that!:P ofcourse we have triede chocolate chip cookie and they turned out good… if u want some u will just hv to make a trip home!:P

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