My experiments with ..

..the french roll. Not the truth. I am not evolved enough to exprement with that as yet. Bread will work just fine for me. At least for right now. 🙂

The basic french bread roll recipe that had featured on this blog sometime back, works like magic. If you follow the instructions and proportions properly, its what I would call a foolproof recipe. It was the first bread that I oculd make right and so it shall always be special to me. 🙂 The only think I dint like about that recipe was the fact that it was all maida. Now I dont have that problem with the recipe either. I substituted half the maida quantity with atta and it gave me a nice, soft, wholesome bread that didnot have the heaviness associated with all wholewheat bread and was healthy too!

I made the 50-50 proportion bread twice- once it took the avtar of masala buns loaded with fresh chopped coriander, garlic, spring oinions and capsicum and was served with fruits and egg for breakfast.

breakfast plate

close up shot

The second avtar was inspired by the Foccacia we made earlier with the bread being topped with a good dose of black olives, garlic,capsicum and oregano.Both the breads turned out well but if you me my personal favourite, it would have to be the masala bun-nothing beats the flavour of fresh coriander and the quantities I added ensured each bite had ample quantities.

foccacia look alike!

close up

I am going to be away from the blog for ten days or so. I am traveling for work. Will see you guys soon!


5 thoughts on “My experiments with ..

  1. homecooked

    I have yet to try my hand at baking bread! Yours is the recipe I am going to try…but this time I’ll make sure I have all the “proper” ingredients in hand 😉 These really look good Mandira. What happened to your friend Lakshmi? She is out of blogosphere kya?

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