Orange apricot muffins

I am really happy to put this recipe up… coz I “invented” it..all by myself!:D



  • 2 eggs
  • 80 gms maida/APF
  • 80 gms powdered sugar
  • 80 gms softened butter
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 50 ml orange juice
  • 2 tbsp chopped dry apricots
  • 1 tbsp orange zest


  • Sift maida and b.p. and keep aside.
  • Beat butter and sugar together till light and fluffy.
  • Add the eggs and beat till well incorporated.
  • Add the maida along with the chopped apricots, juice and zest.
  • Pour in a well greased muffin tray and bake at 180 deg.C for about 20 mins.


Notes: I had some apricots lying around  that I dint know what to do with. I though up this recipe on the bus to work- the traffic is dreadfully boring to watch and thinking up recipes is definately more fun that inhaling vehicular exhaust and counting cars!  The orange juice makes the muffins moist and soft and add a distinct flavour. I dont normally add juice to cake/muffin batter because I fear it would spoil the batter consistency. But done in the right amount, it yields encouraging results. 😀

I tried making a glaze for the muffins and thats the only thing about them that flopped!! You see there is only so much “invention” you should indulge in in any given day. I had met my quota with the muffins, the glaze was therefore destined to fail. I didnt have the vagues idea about how an orange  glaze is made and so something went terribly wrong with the consistency.It was waaay too thin. And I kinda boiled the apricot piece along with the glaze and that made them too soft and caused discolouration. I am sticking to non-glazed cakes and muffins from now on.. unless you have a basic glaze recipe that works..



7 thoughts on “Orange apricot muffins

  1. homecooked

    LOL…about the glaze! But I applaud you fro trying to make the glaze inspite of not having the faintest idea how to go about making it 🙂 The muffins looks yummylicious! You are a baking genius Mandira 🙂

  2. where do u travel to mandy? i’ll come with u…my job ain’t fun anymore….at least first half of morn i’ll come with u in the bus, and be a part of the recipe thinking process…then i’ll go to ur home n wait patiently till u come back n we can bake what we thot of…then i’ll gobble up and be a very content girl *crafty dreams on*

    i love apricots!! they look, smell and taste so…..*speechless*

    ok, after the orange cookies, this looks just too refreshing! glaze or no glaze…bring it on!!!! 😀 😀

    lol@counting cars!!! u too cute mandy!

  3. Hi Mandira,
    Lol….what an idea mandyji! and what a place to get it 🙂 the orange apricot muffins look nice and moist, glaze or no glaze…these look delicious to me an would gobble up the whole batch 🙂 good job! keep the invention mode on! it works 😉

  4. @homey-me a genius??? thank u thank u… will learn the glaze sometime…rt now im ok with plane cakes/muffins..:D

    @crafty-i looorve the idea!! i need food tasters anyway….may family is pretty bored of the baking! lol.. i will take permission from admin.. u can come in our bus.. i will think recipes n u crochet,ok??

    @suparna-lol.. ya i guess a glaze less muffin is as good as a glazed muffin.. n it has fewer calories too!!

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