Black currant-choco chip cookies

Another shortbread cookie.  A twist on the  original cuban shortbread cookies  with black currants and  chocolate chips thrown in.


  • Maida 60 gms
  • Butter 30 gms
  • Sugar 15 gms
  • Vanilla essence a few drops
  • Black currant 1- 1½ tbsp
  • Choco chips 1-1 ½  tbsp
  • Baking powder   ½ tsp
  • Milk to bind


  • Mix together the maida and the baking powder.
  • Rub in the butter till the flour begins resembling bread crumbs.
  • Add the black currant,choco chips and essence and mix well.
  • Use milk to bind together.
  • Use the dought to form any shape you like and place the cookies on a well greased over tray and bake for 10-15 min.s at 180 deg.C.

Source:  With the cuban cookies turning out as well as they did, I used the basic dough with a variety of additions to get new cookie.


Mandira’s notes: I like shortbreads. They are very easy to put together and taste good. Once we know how to make the basic shortbread, you can alter the flavouring and add as many variations as you like. I used black currant and chocolate chips because I had them at home. There is no hard and fast rule about the proportion of both these ingredients. You can also increase or decrease the quantity of each but please make sure you dont increase their quantity so much that it becomes  difficult to roll and cut the cookies.



8 thoughts on “Black currant-choco chip cookies

  1. homecooked

    This looks so good! Are you sure you only bake on weekends? You are one busy bee 🙂 You know the shapes remind me of Mickey Mouse 🙂 Hmm…yummy!

  2. i scrolled down quickly to tell u the they look like mickey mouse n homey has already said that!!!! the colour has come out so great!!! and it needs no eggs!!!! i do eat eggs, but i somehow like baking without them 🙂

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