Somewhere around

Hello people.. We just wanted to let you know that baking buddies hasnt died(yet). Both Lakshmi and I have been rather busy this month. Therefore the missing posts. But we promise to be back with a bang soon. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Somewhere around

  1. chronicworrier

    Mandira- Repeat after me..I’m not in the same sinking (just like all my cakes) boat as CW. I’m not not not not.

    I mean look at the stuff you dish out! I have a good mind to sue you for giving me the false impression you’re as sad a baker as me 😉

    Great work, you two! Already bookmarked a few recipes to have a go at this weekend!

  2. @CW-i did say i may not be as bad as u,remember?? i am actualy a tad btr..i got myself a good teacher im improving by leaps and bounds..btw, my cakes turn out fine but my bread dies- always!!!!

    let us know how stuff u tried come out..k?

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