A hijacked blog

Is it legally allowed to hijack a jointly owned blog and turn it into a “private” blog? I am really not sure it is. But if the hijacking has been done for a good cause, I am sure the crime can be overlooked. Right?

So here’z the deal. I have decided to take over the blog( for only one post, mind you. I couldn’t last longer than that) to do my own post. Its a lot of effort- trust me… but I am throwing in all this effort in a bid to wish Chef Lakshmi a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!!!!! Hope you have a absolutely rocking year ahead, girl! And if you do make it to the Guinness Book or the Limca Book of Records or whichever other record, make sure you give me some credit… If it hadn’t been for that late night chat session, this blog would never have come into existence!:P

It just so happened I baked a cake today. Its not really a birthday cake- no candles, no traditional ( if you spent your childhood in India, read “thick and probably pink coloured”) icing, but its a cake alright. And it tasted fine too. Its in fact a modified version of one of Lax’s cakes! I am going to call my no-icing, no-frills, simple cake, a virtual bday gift to lakshmi.:D

Since my mind’s hyper active today, I think it will be good fun to turn this surprise b’day post into a fun game. If you guys can tell us which cake this is, we’ll break our sacrosanct monthly schedule of goodies and accommodate this one in the coming week. You just need to guess the flavouring agents/additives (or whatever those things are called) and drop us a comment. Come on now, take a guess!!


13 thoughts on “A hijacked blog

  1. Deepta

    Ummmm… i think its got raisins in it…plum cake maybe…but its got dat chocolate ka look…hmmm what the heck a cake is still a cake!! 😀

  2. aw..lovely cake..Many Many happy returns to the chief chef once again..

    i guess raisins, walnuts with coffee in a chocolate flavour..(guess covered abt everything…:))

  3. homecooked

    Hey Happy Birthday Lakshmi 🙂 Hope you have a great year ahead. And sweet of Mandira to give you a virtual treat!

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