A bread with a difficult name!

17 thoughts on “A bread with a difficult name!”

  1. its kinda weird to leave a comment on a blog u co-write, but i am doing that anyway….lax, we never broke bread together but we “broke” or rather ate loads of loaaads of rice on that trip..and u and V managed to do a better job than me and A! :P the chai was a big problem… and for me it still continues to be(been going to the field a little too frequently!!)

    and in defence of the food in the DH, i must mention, it was bad but not THAT bad!:D
    pl note i published this post BEFORE the due date..all for u, my friend!:D

  2. hey wow lak..that looks great..simply too good…mandira..hats off to your attempting this…lak remember that dream I was telling you abt…well I have been thinking I should follow it..now I have the recipe…thanks da..

  3. @arundhati-try it out..its actually quite easy..

    @deepta- so when are u coming and where are u gonna come??

    @srivalli-yeah, its not as tough as it looks..we (or at least mandira) suggests you dont try cold fermentation by keeping the dough in the fridge for ur first attempt..


  4. @valli – as Mandira says just don’t put in fridge immediately – leave it out until doubled and then put in fridge. But you could also bake immediately – except I’ve found the crust is not always as crunchy.

  5. Lakshmi , this was the first bread I baked as any focaccia calls for , I topped it with rosemary and sea salt. It was fabulous and yes the success rate is very high for this bread. It has a special place in my heart cos it wasnt a disaster as usual , instead turned out to be great.

  6. @Dee – that’s why I asked Mandira to try it out – it hardly ever fails – after all an inch of rise is not too much to ask for – and tastes great as well!

  7. Hi,
    I tried this..turned out pretty well..It was a little moist..was it supposed to be like that or i made some mistake? it tasted gud tho.Thanks..

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